Used Pallet Racking Is A Budget-Friendly Solution

used pallet racking

As a business owner in Washington or Oregon, you’re more than likely faced with continual battles between operational needs and your financial budget. If you’re looking to upgrade the pallet racking or storage shelving system in your warehouse or facility, for example, paying top dollar for your equipment might not be a feasible option. Thankfully, […]

Understanding The Benefits Of In-House Fabrication

in-house fabrication

Just as people are created differently, so too are businesses. What works for one company might not be beneficial for another. We can apply this logic to a wide range of different commercial elements, including your business’s storage and material handling needs. At THS, our qualified team of material handling experts has the knowledge and […]

Key Benefits Of Adding A Forklift To Your Warehouse Operations


Forklifts save time, reduce injuries, decrease labor expenses, increase storage facility density and replace many other types of expensive specialty equipment. It’s rare to visit a warehouse without seeing at least a few forklifts on the floor. However, many facilities are not getting all of the possible benefits from their equipment. If you are located […]

Key Components To Look For In Metal Shelving

metal shelving

A disorganized warehouse or commercial facility isn’t just a waste of space; it’s also a hindrance to your company’s overall productivity. At THS, we understand the importance of having high-quality material handling and storage systems in place for your business. If you want to enhance your facility’s overall organization, our industry-leading shelving might be the […]

Advantages Of New And Used Pallet Racking

pallet racking

It’s hard to imagine any business that doesn’t need some type of storage system. While different companies, industries, and business sizes might demand a diverse selection of storage products, they all still share the need for places to put things. If you’re a business owner who’s in the market for versatile storage solutions, the new […]