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Material Handling Products
Since 2014, THS has been a leader in providing full-service material handling products and services for industrial companies throughout the United States. It’s our job to ensure your products, materials, and tools are properly transported, stored, protected, and controlled within your facility.
Through a wide variety of different storage systems, tools, and industrial machinery, we can help your business streamline its daily operations and increase your overall productivity.
Our highly-trained staff will communicate with you to determine what your needs are, and then develop comprehensive plans and drawings that exceed your expectations. From manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, our services and equipment provide the versatile solutions you need to better your industrial business.
Installation and Relocation
In-House Fabrication
Warehouse Turnkey Systems
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Who We Are

THS has been a leading name in material handling services and warehouse liquidations throughout the United States.

Our dependable team has helped us develop a reputation for reliability and quality.

We’ve even recently moved into a premier warehouse facility to accommodate our ever-growing inventory

New & Used Pallet racking

When it comes to reliable storage systems for your industrial warehouse or facility, the expansive collection of new & used pallet racking at THS can be highly beneficial.

We’re proud to offer business owners a wide variety of pallet racking types depending on their varying needs. From ‘first-in-first-out’ to ‘first-in-last-out’ inventory management systems, our pallet storage systems are suitable for many different industries. These include manufacturing, retail, food processing, distribution centers and many more.

When you work with us to design and implement one of the many pallet racking options available, you can realize a direct improvement in your company’s organization and productivity.

material handling Services



Installation and Relocation

Facility Layout & Design

At THS, our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. Whether you’re moving to a new warehouse or expanding your current location, we will help you plan and execute your facility layout and design from start-to-finish.

In-House Fabrication

In-House Fabrication

Are you having trouble finding pallet racking or shelving that fits your company’s unique needs? Let our expert technicians help! With the help of our in-house fabrication team, we can help you create customized products for your storage requirements.

warehouse Installations and relocations

Installations & Relocations

Trying to plan an industrial relocation or warehouse installation can seem like a complicated experience. Our full-service relocation specialists can assist you in streamlining the process to minimize disruptions and keep things simple and hassle-free.

Warehouse Turnkey Systems


Setting up a warehouse facility involves several moving parts. Our highly-trained professionals can help manage all of your turnkey systems to enhance productivity and ensure a highly-functional working environment as soon as you move in.

Project Planning

Permitting Assistance

Throughout the United States, business owners are required to obtain the correct licenses and permits before opening their industrial facilities for operations. Our team of licensed contractors can assist you in getting these, and ensure your building is up to code.

Warehouse Liquidations

Are you closing up your business or moving to a smaller location? It would help if you had a reliable team of warehouse asset liquidators to help you sell off your valuable equipment and storage systems. As one of the best liquidators nationwide, THS can help!

Forklift sales & rentals

There are tons of reasons your business may eventually need a forklift. When that day comes, it’s crucial to have a plan in place.

The only question is, should you buy a forklift or rent one?

At THS, we offer the best of both worlds. Whether you want the convenience of having a forklift readily available when you need it, or you want to avoid having to store a forklift when it’s not in use, our forklift sales & rentals team can help.