Boltless shelving is the versatile, convenient, and affordable storage solution you need for your business. Made from high-grade metal, these shelves can be configured and reconfigured in a variety of layouts to best suit your company’s needs.

With one of the most straightforward designs you will find, boltless shelving consists of only beams, posts, t-posts, and shelving material (often particle board.) Installation doesn’t require any nuts and bolts. In fact, the only tool you’ll need is a rubber mallet.

At THS, we take pride in offering customers throughout the United States a wide variety of flexible boltless shelving solutions for their warehouses and facilities. Whether you’re searching for brand-new products or high-quality reconditioned items, we have the options you need and the knowledge to help you choose what’s right for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Boltless Shelving?

When you buy boltless shelving, you won’t just be getting a reliable product and material storage. You’ll receive a variety of impressive benefits, including:

Ideal Reasons For Buying Boltless Shelving

At THS, one of the most popular products we sell to business owners is boltless shelves. Whether you’re running manufacturing facilities, a retail store, or distribution center, you can benefit from the flexible storage you’ll receive from these shelves.

Some of the other most common uses our industry-leading team sees are:

Are You Searching For Reusable Storage?

Most companies have ever-changing wants and needs as time goes by. Rather than choosing permanent equipment for your warehouse facility or distribution center, why not consider a reusable product that will benefit your team for years to come?

Boltless shelving from THS is a versatile option that can be reconfigured multiple times, depending on what you need. They’re easy to build, move, and, best of all, won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re in the market to store heavy-duty items or need to enhance your bulk item storage, the flexibility and accessibility of boltless shelving can’t be beaten.