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Pallet Racking

Would you like to improve the organization and productivity of your industrial warehouse or facility? THS offers a wide range of new and reconditioned pallet racking systems that can serve multiple purposes for your operations.
Would you like to improve the organization and productivity of your industrial warehouse or facility? THS offers a wide range of new and reconditioned pallet racking systems that can serve multiple purposes for your operations.
New and used pallet racking

Whether you run a retail store, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, it’s essential to have quality storage in place. Not only can improved storage provide enhanced organization, but it can also increase your employees’ productivity. That’s why THS is proud to offer an industry-leading collection of high-quality pallet racking products.

Whether you’re looking for “first-in-first-out” (FIFO) storage, drive-in storage, or units geared towards long, bulky items, our design team specialists are here to help. We can help your team create the optimal pallet racking system to suit all of your facility’s wants and needs.

Pallet Rack Repair Services

It’s not always easy to find convenient storage options for long, bulky items, like lumber, doors, or furniture. Thankfully, however, the THS team has a wide selection of cantilever pallet racking options for this exact purpose. Comprised of single columns with extended arms and heavy-duty bases, these innovative storage systems can be fully-customized and adjusted.

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When you run a facility that deals with perishable or time-sensitive products, it’s crucial to find a storage system that offers top-notch visibility and access. Carton flow pallet racking utilizes sloped and inclined shelves to control products and materials’ movement while still providing reliable accessibility. These systems employ a “first-in-first-out” (FIFO) inventory system.

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Unlike carton flow pallet racking, drive-in and drive-thru pallet racking systems employ a “last-in-first-out” (LIFO) inventory system that’s useful for any products or materials that aren’t date-sensitive. These units also have forklift entry points that are convenient when loading and unloading heavy pallet loads and can hold anywhere from 2-10 pallet loads per position.

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Would you like to streamline the loading and unloading of your pallet racking system? If so, pallet flow pallet racking might be an optimal solution. These systems utilize angled slopes, metal skate wheels, and the natural flow of gravity to automatically pull the next pallet on the rack into the “picking position.” This is also a FIFO system.

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Rather than simply serving as a commercial or industrial storage system, a pick module is a multi-level system that’s used to streamline manufacturing and shipping processes. It’s ideal for e-commerce companies, retail facilities, and food/beverage suppliers. Typically, a pick module consists of pallet racking, conveyors, and carton flow racking.

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Another FIFO storage system, push back pallet racking, is known for not only providing easy access to products and materials but these gravity-powered systems also increase your storage space by up to 90%. These products are the ideal choice for businesses that need to store large numbers of the same SKU.

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Not only are selective pallet racking systems one of the most popular options in various manufacturing, production, and distribution centers, but they’re also one of the most affordable. If you’re looking for a cost-effective but durable, FIFO storage system, these products are the ideal selection. Made from either roll-formed or structural steel, these are a quality system that’s built-to-last.

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When it comes to running a warehouse or facility, making the most of your available space is vital. That’s where rack supported structures come in! With these types of systems, your pallet racking will be built directly into the skeleton of your building, making them one of the most efficient storage options available.

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At THS, we are proud to be a leading warehouse asset liquidator in the northwest. Due to this, we have the best selection of high-quality, used, and reconditioned pallet racking on the market. We’ll make sure that your facility receives reliable used pallet racking products that will fit your storage, inventory, and budgetary needs.

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Just because your racking appears old and possibly damaged does not mean you have to run out and get a new system. Before taking that step and purchasing brand-new pallet racking, why not let our industry-leading technicians take a look at your system? We have the knowledge and skills needed to provide stress-free repair services.

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