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For most industrial businesses, lifting and transporting heavy products and materials is commonplace. Whether this is a daily occurrence or for occasional projects, your company will probably require the assistance of a high-grade forklift.

At THS, we have specialized in forklift sales & rentals. Our experienced team can assist you in finding the right piece of equipment for whatever job you need to do.

We also have the added advantage of being one of the largest warehouse asset liquidators across the country. If you’re interested in purchasing a fully-reconditioned forklift for your company, we have an impressive inventory of options that are sure to meet your needs.

Before you jump into buying or leasing a forklift, it’s essential to examine your company’s needs. Determine what your lifting needs will be, what type of environment you’ll be using the machine in, and how often it will be used. From there, you can decide which option is best for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Forklift Sales & Rentals?

Whether you decide to buy or rent your forklift, you will have the advantage of impressive benefits either way.

Forklift Sales Benefits

For companies who plan to use their forklift daily, the smartest option is to buy a new or reconditioned piece of equipment. Not only is this a more cost-effective solution down the road, but it also provides more flexibility in use. 

As the machine belongs to your business, you will have the opportunity to use it, however, and whenever you need it.

Forklift Rental Benefits

Is your need for a forklift temporary or occasional? If so, you might want to discuss a forklift rental with the professional team at THS.

There’s no reason to pay the high price to own a forklift if you’ll only be using it from time-to-time. Renting is also an ideal option for businesses that don’t have the extra storage space to keep a forklift when not in use.

Ideal Reasons For Forklift Sales & Rentals

From loading and unloading storage systems to transporting products, there are tons of reasons a company might need to use a forklift in their industrial warehouse or facility. We also offer a wide variety of forklift types to suit your company’s individual needs better.

Whether you’re using a forklift in small space or for high shelving systems, we have the right options available to help you increase productivity and make operations simpler than ever before.

Do You Want To Simplify Your Warehouse Processes?

Maneuvering around your facility and retrieving materials and products from various locations doesn’t have to be a headache.

 When you work with THS, we can help you choose a forklift that will meet the requirements of your business and assist you in streamlining your operations. Whether you need this type of equipment for a one-time project or consistent use, we can help. 

Our team has the knowledge and experience required to get you the equipment you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your operational needs.